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Less pain, more brain

My philosophy is that horses work on something similar to Maslow's hierarchy of needs. By addressing physical and mental discomfort, we can create a confident partner who is able to learn more effectively. 

Keep scrolling for information on services, scheduling, and rates. 


a departure of the employee from his course of employment and duties to employer for purposes entirely personal. 

- Black’s Law Dictionary


Meg is a lifelong equestrian with 20+ years of experience and is obsessed with developing that magical telepathic bond a horse can make with its human. She began riding around age 5 and spent her formative years in the Endurance world. This was where she began developing her eye for equine nuance and body language. In the years after, she made forays into hunter/jumpers before she discovered a passion for dressage and breeding. After moving around for the military, Meg recently settled in northern Virginia with her family, including one very silly OTTB and one darling young pony. 

Meg attended undergrad at the University of Vermont with a double major in English and History. She has a J.D. from Temple University and is a licensed attorney during the day. She was certified in Equine Sports Massage by Equissage in 2015. Meg is experienced with young horses, unhandled horses, OTTBs, and horses that just need a tune up. 



Massage Therapy - $75

One session is typically 45 - 60 minutes. Barn group rates are available. 

Ground Work - $50

This can be in conjunction with massage or by itself. 

No travel fees for Stafford County and the surrounding area. No travel fees for barn groups further away. 


Weekend appointments available

- Barn group bookings limited to 6 spots

Limited weekday appointments

Please text or call (540) 300-2556 to confirm availability.

2023 show schedule will be posted in the coming months. 



Tel (540) 300-2556 (call or text)


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